Promoting the magic of taste

We are a company that grew using the most fundamental ingredient of a successful recipe: Valuing all the people who are part of our daily lives. Along with that, we add a lot of dedication, love, quality, and care. The result? Passion for what we do and the constant quest to promote the magic of flavor on the Brazilian table.

To promote the Magic of Flavor in convenience foods with tradition and innovation.

To be a leader in flavor in the convenience food segment.

We are driven by passion in what we do and in the search for better products and results. We work with simplicity, dedication, persistence, and integrity, valuing communication and respecting and valuing people.

To protect the planet is to feed a prosperous future.
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Solid waste management

Throughout our production chain, waste management follows strict criteria. This includes the collection, packaging, transportation, transshipment, treatment, destination, and final disposal of all solid waste generated by the company.

The goal is to follow a business strategy that meets the production demand, without compromising and causing damage to the environment. In addition to all this control, our actions include minimizing the waste generation, with a focus on the continuous search for alternatives so that the waste generated can be recycled or reused.

Reverse logistics of post-consumer packaging

We support initiatives aimed at promoting a recycling culture in our country. With that in mind, we are constantly looking for ways to encourage this sector and comply with laws, such as Brazil’s National Solid Waste Policy (Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos – PNRS).

An example of this is our reverse logistics action. In partnership with management units, we seek national compensation for each Brazilian state of a percentage of each type of material present in our packaging, contributing to an increase in recycling rates. Additionally, we also carry out educational actions on our social networks, instructing customers on the appropriate way to dispose of our packaging and the company’s compliance with environmental legislation.

Life is better with a dash of hope!

Learn more about some of the social projects we encourage.

Our initiatives include embracing projects that contribute to our community. This is a way of joining forces with those around us to make the world a better place.